Knowledge Work Incentives at EACBPM

June was a bit of a crazy month, with three conferences in a row (Orlando-London-DC) including two presentations at IRM’s BPM conference in London: a half-day workshop on the Future of Work, and a breakout session on Knowledge Work Incentives, which was a deep dive into one of the themes in the workshop. I put the slides for the breakout session up on the day of the presentation, but then went off for a couple of days of holidays in Brighton and completely forgot to post a link here:

Yesterday, I read a post on The Eloquent Women called In a world of #allmalepanels, can we share pics of #eloquentwomen?, which is a riff on the Congrats, you have an all male panel Tumblr. This has been going on a long time: I wrote about the problem at Toronto’s mesh conference starting in 2007, and then just stopped attending it.

The recent TEW post had me think about the opportunities that I’ve had to present at conferences all over the world, and I decided to take them up on their challenge and post some of the pictures and videos from me presenting in the past. First, a few videos in a variety of speaking styles:

And some pictures taken and tweeted by audience members:

I speak primarily about technology and the impact that it has on business, and I’m recognized as an expert in my field, so I have to say that the common excuses for having no (paid) women speakers summarized here – no qualified women speakers; woman only speak about “women stuff” [wtf?]; women are more likely to say no to speaking; women are more likely to cancel – are patently untrue in my case, and likely in the case of most women speakers.

There are some shining examples of companies that put a lot of women – internal and external – on the stage at their conferences, and we need to see more of this in the future. Otherwise, you’re just ignoring half of the IQ available as speakers, and starting to alienate the attendees.

London Calling To The Faraway Towns…For EACBPM

I missed the IRM Business Process Management Europe conference in London last June, but will be there this year from June 15-18 with a workshop, plus a breakout session and a panel session. It’s collocated with the Enterprise Architecture Europe conference, and you can attend sessions from either conference if you attend.

There are five conference tracks and 40 case studies over three days of the conference, plus a day of pre-conference workshops. Here’s what I’m presenting:

  • On the morning of June 15, I’ll present a half-day workshop/tutorial on The Future of Work, looking at how work is changing in the face of changing technology and culture, and how to adapt your organization for this brave new world.
  • On the morning of June 17, I’ll give a breakout session that excerpts some of the material from the workshop on Changing Incentives for Knowledge Workers.
  • Also on the morning of June 17, I’ll be on a panel of “BPM Gurus” with Roger Burlton, Ron Ross and Howard Smith, moderated by Chris Potts, discussing ten years of BPM.

IRM runs a good conference with a lot of great content, hope to see you there. If you plan to attend, I have a 10% discount code that I can provide to colleagues, send me a note or add a comment here and I’ll send it to you.