Micro workflow gestural analysis #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

Ben Jennings of University College London had the last presentation slot of the day, wherein he classified a duck using both hierarchical classification and protoype theory. He was successful using both methods, although identified the inherent flaws in hierarchical classification. The point, however, is about the nature of classification systems: hierarchical classification systems can lead … Continue reading “Micro workflow gestural analysis #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

Models, Social Tagging and Knowledge Management #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

Michael Prilla of Ruhr University of Bochum presented his research on integrating process models into knowledge management system content, using social tagging as a semantic layer for heterogeneous content, with the goal to disseminate process models to foster feedback from users that results in process improvement. Typically within an organization, process models are used by … Continue reading “Models, Social Tagging and Knowledge Management #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

Value co-creation in IT service processes using Semantic MediaWiki #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

Axel Kieninger of the Universitat Karlsruhe had the first presentation after lunch, discussing processes for service creators and consumers (or prosumers) to collaboratively co-create services in order to raise the value of the services to the consumer. There are a number of barriers to collaboration, primarily those of cultural differences and specialized or standards tools/notation. … Continue reading “Value co-creation in IT service processes using Semantic MediaWiki #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

Requirements elicitation as a case of social process #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

Giorgio Bruno of Politecnico di Torino presented a paper on requirements elicitation as a social process. First, he covered the distinction between business processes – an emphasis on control flow, with the process distributing work to the participants – and social processes – where participants perform actions in a shared space, and including the participants, … Continue reading “Requirements elicitation as a case of social process #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

Workflow management social systems #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

Next up was a presentation by Marcello Sarini, a computer scientist from the psychology department of University of Milano-Bicocca, discussing the socio-psychological perspective on process management. Processes that involve human tasks inherently are about interactions between people, which falls under the area of social psychology and the resulting theories of human social behavior. They performed a … Continue reading “Workflow management social systems #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

AGILIPO: Embedding social software features into business process tools #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

Three years ago, I gave a presentation entitled “Web 2.0 and BPM” at the BPMG conference in London, in which I said that the future of BPM and Web 2.0 (or what we would now call social software) will include tagging of process instances. Today, I saw some research that includes exactly that functionality, as … Continue reading “AGILIPO: Embedding social software features into business process tools #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

Community participation in a hosted BPM system #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

Rania Khalaf of IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center presented a paper on enabling community participation for workflows through extensibility and sharing, specifically within a hosted BPM system. She is focused on three areas of collaboration: extension activities (services), collaborative workflow modeling, and collaboration on executing workflow instances. There are two key aspects to this: method … Continue reading “Community participation in a hosted BPM system #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

Workshop on BPM and social software #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09

I’m back at this year’s edition of what was probably my favorite conference last year: BPM2009 in Ulm, Germany. This is primarily attended by academics and institutional researchers, and the format is as an academic conference, where each presentation is based on a research paper. This first day is devoted to workshops, and I’m attending … Continue reading “Workshop on BPM and social software #BPM2009 #BPMS2’09”

Fujitsu Interstage BPM V11

I had a briefing this week on Fujitsu’s just-released Interstage BPM version 11 as well as an update on their cloud platform. I’ll cover the cloud platform in another blog post, since this one is getting a bit long. Version 11 has a lot of new features for handling ad hoc, collaborative, knowledge-intensive work; this … Continue reading “Fujitsu Interstage BPM V11”

BPM, Collaboration and Social Networking

Although social software and BPM is an underlying theme in a lot of the presentations that I give, today at the Business Rules Forum is the first time that I’ve been able to focus exclusively on that topic in a presentation for more than 3 years. Here’s the slides, and a list of the references … Continue reading “BPM, Collaboration and Social Networking”