From Brazil To Vegas: BPM Global Trends and Building Business Capability

My frenzy of seven conferences in six weeks (eight, if you count the two different cities in Brazil as different conferences) is drawing to a close, but the past two weeks have been a bit brutal. Last week, I was in São Paulo and Brasília for the BPM Global Trends seminar series, where I presented in both cities along with Jan vom Brocke from University of Liechtenstein. It was arranged by ELO Group with the strong support of ABPMP Brazil, and was most interesting because I was presenting from a Portuguese version of my slides (with an English version visible to me) while United Nations-style simultaneous translators worked their magic from a booth at the back of the room.

I did a longer presentation in São Paulo earlier in the week with a workshop in the afternoon, then split it into two presentations with some added material for the public sector seminar in Brasília:

Many thanks to my hosts, and to those voices in my head: Leonardo and Daniel, the wonderful translators who brought my material alive for the Portuguese audience, and translated the questions and comments into English for me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see a lot of Brazil except for hotels, airports and conference rooms, although I did get a short tour (thanks, Jones!) of the weird and wonderful modernist architecture of Brasília on the day that I flew out.

I arrived home in Toronto on Sunday morning, then 24 hours later was on a flight to Las Vegas for the Building Business Capability conference – my third trip to Vegas in a month. I presented a half-day seminar yesterday on emerging BPM technology, an ever-changing topic that continues to fascinate me:

I finished up today with a breakout session on the interplay of rules, process and content in case management, which is the combination of a number of different themes that I’ve been playing with over the past few years, but the first time for the presentation in this form:

I’m off to the evening reception to meet up with my peeps here, then tomorrow I get to take it easy and listen to someone else present for a change. Or maybe sit by the pool and let my brain relax for a day before I fly home to get back to my regular client work, and start to work through that backlog of product briefings that I have piled up in my drafts folder.

That’s the last of my conference travel for the year, but not the last of my conferences: I’ll be attending at least one day of CASCON next week for a workshop on Real Time Patient Flow Management using Business Process Management, Location Tags, and Complex Events Processing and to hear some of the research papers, then the Technicity Focus on Cyber Security event on November 26th. I’m also speaking at a Toronto breakfast seminar on intelligent business processes on December 3rd for Software AG.


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