Gartner iBPMS MQ Published

After something of a delay, and a great deal of consternation in the industry about this “new” BPMS magic quadrant, Gartner has finally published their magic quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS).

Having had my fingers slapped in the past for publishing excerpts (which should be considered fair use), I won’t ruin the surprise, although you can draw your own conclusions from these vendor press releases yesterday:

Appian Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant in New Intelligent Business Process Management Software Magic Quadrant Report


Pegasystems Positioned As A Leader In Independent Analyst Firm’s 2012 Magic Quadrant For Intelligent Business Process Management Suites

Both of these companies are offering a free reprint of the report (registration required).

One thought on “Gartner iBPMS MQ Published”

  1. I would request a ranking of process automation tools.
    As an example, as is the acceptance of these tools by enterprises in general scope. Tools like: Runmyprocess, BizAgi and others.

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