TIBCO TUCON2012: You Say You Want A (Process) Revolution?

I’ve been asked to fill in for a last-minute cancellation at a breakout session here tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and keeping with the retro music theme that we’ve been hearing here at TUCON, we’re going to have a process revolution:

Process Revolution: Turn Operational Efficiency into Operational Advantage

When starting a business process management (BPM) program, the first step is to achieve operational efficiency and its benefits: cut costs, improve agility through process automation, and ensure regulatory compliance with process transparency. What are the next steps? In this session, learn how you can take your BPM program to the next level. We’ll showcase strategies you can use to not only support process  innovation, but ensure every opportunity is a potential source of revenue generation and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, we’ll outline how our next-generation BPM fits into the overall event-enabled enterprise.

Rachel Brennan, TIBCO’s BPM product marketing manager, will be up there with me to cover the TIBCO-specific parts about their AMX BPM product, while I discuss the main theme of moving from implementing BPM for cost and compliance reasons to a focus on other criteria such as customer satisfaction.

It’s at 10am, but I’m not sure of the room since the original presentation was added late enough that it didn’t make the printed schedule, the online schedule shows the session but not the location, and the app is completely missing it (for now).

Update: the session is on Thursday from 10:00-10:50am in Juniper 1.

Update 2: we’re now in the app!

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