Enabling Process Intelligence Through Process Mining & Analytics

A bit short notice, but I’m doing a webinar this afternoon at 2pm (Eastern) on process intelligence through process mining and analytics, along with Keith Swenson of Fujitsu, and you can sign up here. Fujitsu is sponsoring the webinar, as well as the white paper that I have written to go into the topic in a bit more detail; if you sign up for the webinar, I think that they will send you a copy of the white paper.

Fujitsu has recently repackaged their Automated Process Discovery (process mining, which I have reviewed here previously) together with their analytics to create a sort of “intelligent process” suite: you use the mining part to find out what your processes are across multiple systems, then add the necessary instrumentation to those processes in order to feed into a consolidated analytics visualization. Whereas most process analytics are based just on the processes automated or orchestrated by a BPMS, Fujitsu is trying to expand that level of visibility into systems that aren’t connected to the BPMS. With my background in pattern recognition, I have a bit of interest in process mining, and have written about their process discovery tool previously as well as working my way through Wil van der Aalst’s recent book, Process Mining: Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement of Business Processes.

Hope that you can join us for the webinar today.

2 thoughts on “Enabling Process Intelligence Through Process Mining & Analytics”

  1. Hi Sandy,

    I also am fascinated with process mining, and glad to hear about the new solutions.
    I watch them for a few years. I think that it is necessary though, to understand deeper the concepts and learn some methods in order to apply it properly. I strongly recommend Fluxicon’s blog (Flux Capacitor), which is a “gold mine” for people who want to learn about it in a very simplified manner.
    so here is the link:

    Thanks for the PDF notification!



  2. Thanks, Dafna. Fluxicon also has a process mining product coming out, which I had a sneak peak at a week ago. Lots of interesting information on their blog on the topic.

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