Webinar on Fast-Tracking BPM Projects

I’ll be speaking on a webinar this Thursday, November 18th, along with Michael Rowley of Active Endpoints, about fast-tracking BPM projects. The Active Endpoints tools are targeted at an IT audience of architects, developers and technical business analysts, and that’s exactly who we’re focusing this webinar on as well. From the description:

Time and resources are limited and you are tasked with automating processes for your business faster, cheaper and better than ever before. How do you develop service-oriented process applications that address the needs of the business AND meet their deadlines? What process automation tools and techniques are used today successfully by others in your situation? How do you quickly create working prototypes, while avoiding a drawn out process of creating written requirements, and still provide traceability from requirements to implementation?

You can register here for the webinar; hope to see you there.

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