Effective Collaboration and Consistency Management in Process Modeling

Krzysztof Czarnecki of the University of Waterloo introduced this morning’s workshop on Effective Collaboration and Consistency Management in Business Process Modeling, starting with a discussion of consistency management in modeling: within versions of the same model type, but also between models of different types, such as sequence diagrams and state charts, where there may be overlap of information representation. This theme of model interrelationship and translation has come up a couple of times this week at CASCON, and the need to manage the consistency between these artifacts through understanding the relationships and usages. He discussed some of the techniques for determining model overlap/relationship and checking consistency, including overlap and merging, and how these might differ depending on whether there is a 1:1, 1:many or many:many mapping between the different models. He also introduced modeling collaboration concepts, including methods of communication, terminology and awareness, in order to set the stage for the remainder of the workshop.

I’m going to break this post by the individual speakers since these are really independent presentations, and it will get way too long otherwise.

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