One Last Conference Before Summer: Enterprise 2.0

It’s been quiet on the travel scene since my four-week marathon of conferences in May, and I have just one last one before we hit the summer doldrums: Enterprise 2.0 in Boston this week.

I’m skipping the workshops today and heading down this afternoon – luckily, Toronto-Boston is covered by Porter Airlines, so I can fly without enduring the hassle of Toronto’s bigger airport – and will be there until Thursday midday. I’ll be live blogging as usual, and tweeting using the #e2conf hashtag.

Although standalone collaboration tools can show significant benefits, my interest is in how social features are becoming part of enterprise software, especially BPM and ECM. Consider, for example, tomorrow morning’s keynote at 10:50am (for a too-short 20 minutes) by Franz Aman of SAP:

Standalone collaboration environments and social networks have been the focal point in the market to date, but what is possible when you marry traditional enterprise software with newer enterprise 2.0 thinking? To start, you free people from the struggle to use enterprise systems and you help them find the right information for daily work. You put into their hands powerful, business-relevant content-including business processes, data, events and analytics -that combines structured data and unstructured data from social and online networks to bring together people, information and business methods in a cohesive online working environment.

I’m disappointed that more of the BPM vendors aren’t here to discuss how social features are changing their platforms; not sure that this conference is on their radar yet.

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  1. Case management can be a great example of social collaboration (depending on how it is implemented): the ongoing debate is whether case management is part of ECM, part of BPM, both or neither.

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