BPM Conferences Start To Come Out Of Hiding

2009 was not a stellar year for BPM conferences: many vendors cancelled or moved to an online format, and even Gartner decided that two North American conferences per year is too much. Although many organizations budgets are still tight, conference organizers are betting on a bit more available travel and education budget being available this year.

I just saw a post about Leonardo Process Days coming up in July in Sydney, and added it to the BPM events calendar that I maintain here, as I do with most other BPM-related events that I hear about. If you have an event that you want added, let me know; if you want to add a lot of events, then I can make you a contributor to the calendar. If you use Google Calendar and want to add this to the list of “Other calendars” that you can overlay on your own calendar, there’s a button at the bottom right of the calendar that will do that.

3 thoughts on “BPM Conferences Start To Come Out Of Hiding”

  1. Hi Sandy,

    this year, we at IDS Scheer are also moving back to our big conferences after doing a roadshow last year. There will be 3 instances of ProcessWorld:

    – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 4 May 2010
    – Berlin, Germany, 8-9 June 2010
    – Washington, USA, 22-23 June 2010

    ProcessWorld has been combined with Software AG’s former Innovation World event. It features customer and user presentations including Software AG’s and IDS Scheer’s product portfolio.

    Details to all conferences can be found here: http://www.processworld.com/

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