Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Council

In my conversations with several people this week, I’ve mentioned the Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Council as a place to start for finding out information about companies that are actually implementing this stuff. The Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Council gathers together managers from large organizations who are spearheading these efforts inside their company. The site includes research that the Council is doing on its members, such as their “State of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption” report for Q4 2009. Susan Scrupski conceived the idea for the Council and pulled it all together. You can follow her on Twitter here and read her business blog here for lots of additional information on how Enterprise 2.0 is being used in large enterprises.

If you have an interest in this area, then lots of good information here. If you’re a large enterprise implementing – or even looking at – Enterprise 2.0, consider joining the Council.

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