BPM Centers of Excellence webinar today

Today (March 18th) at noon Eastern, I’ll be doing a live webinar on BPM centers of excellence that will become part of the Appian-sponsored BPM Basics informational site. You can sign up for the webinar here if you want to listen to it live, which will include Q&A from the audience; the version without Q&A will be available for replay on the BPM Basics site.

6 thoughts on “BPM Centers of Excellence webinar today”

  1. Sandy

    It was a big disappointment: MS Office Live Meeting said “There is no audio available for this meeting” and the invitation letter from Appian contains instructions how to dial to the conference by phone.

    Either I did something badly wrong or Appian has a remarkable sence of humor.

  2. As far as I know, you had to dial in via telephone — that’s what I did. I saw you in the attendee list at the end, so not sure if you were able to get in after all. They should have the recorded webinar up on the BPM Basics site pretty soon, so you can listen to the replay there if you missed anything on the live version. The Q&A was not recorded, but the only question was whether the slides would be available (yes, participants will get a link via email).

  3. With all my respect to you and interest to the matter – a 45-minutes international phone call is way too much. In fact I spent first 20 minutes for the attempts to get the audio stream being not able to believe it wasn’t there at the event called “webinar”. OK, will wait for the recording.

  4. I get your point 🙂 However, we have vendors using words for things in all sorts of strange ways, such as “podcast” when they actually mean “manually downloadable mp3 file”.

    I was on two webinars today (the one that I gave and another one as an attendee), both using Live Meeting, and both used phone instead of VOIP. Not sure if there is a big cost difference for the vendors, that could be driving things, or maybe not enough people have a headset at their desk that they can use to make VOIP worthwhile: they still have to provide a dial-in phone number for those that can’t use the VOIP, so possibly have to pay twice if they go that route.

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