Who’s running Pega’s sales and marketing?

I’m starting to feel like the Perez Hilton of BPM with all the corporate gossip this weekend, but I’ve noticed that Pegasystems’ management roster has been a bit sparse for the past few months.


VPs of marketing and sales seem to be missing, and I don’t see a CIO either. It’s important to have strong technical leadership in a technology company, but who’s driving sales and marketing?

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  1. Sandy,

    You are keen in your observation regarding the Pegasystems background material, but I can tell you that we are in the process of rolling out a new “About Pegasystems” page that will be much richer in content. To address the concerns you raise in this entry I will say that although the roles of VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, and CIO are not covered in the current About Pegasystems page, there are in fact people overseeing those functions from an executive standpoint. With the recent departure of Edward Hughes (VP of Sales), the sales function roles up to Alan Trefler, our Founder and CEO, along with Leon Trefler (VP of North American Sales) and David Wells (VP of EMEA Sales) overseeing regional sales operations. The sales have actually trended upwards, as you can see from our earnings announcements through the first three quarters of 2008, where we achieved record revenues as well as increased license revenues in each and every quarter. All of the marketing functions roll up to Max Mayer (VP of Corporate Development). Finally, the CIO role is currently being overseen by Craig Dynes, our CFO, who also has quite a technical background. All of these developments will be captured in a new “About Pegasystems” page that is forthcoming.

  2. Brian, thanks for your response. It just seemed odd that some executives that had departed in 2008 (particularly VP Global Sales and CIO) didn’t appear to be replaced, but rather their roles combined into existing roles. There’s only so many things that one person can focus on, after all.

  3. Have you checked out Pegasystems Q1 ’09 earnings that were just released. The stock went up over 40% today. They showed 7 consecutive quarters of record profits and license revenue up 60% last quarter…

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