Business Objects Summit: Franz Aman on BI Platform

Franz Aman, VP of Product Marketing, gave us a product roadmap of the BI platform within Business Objects and SAP. Unfortunately, he declared the session as being under NDA, even though a lot of what he talked about had nothing to do with future product directions, so I can’t share it with you.

The true innovation, which I hope that I’m not breaking NDA to report on, is the use of a background gradient that goes from SAP yellow to Business Objects blue in the boxes that represent products jointly developed by SAP and Business Objects:

Secret SAP-Business Objects background

Shhhh…you didn’t see it here.

3 thoughts on “Business Objects Summit: Franz Aman on BI Platform”

  1. Not sure I get why NDA enforced. The BO/SAP product roadmap (including the blue/yellow thing) has been in the public domain since Feb/March of this year for anyone with access to Google.

    I got pdfs of the roadmap from the SAP site itself.

    Weird people….

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