BPM/SOA events calendar reminder

As you can guess from my previous post, we’re in the middle of prime conference season, as everyone tries to get these in before the summer. That results in a lot of potential scheduling conflicts: today, I had a request to speak at a conference during a time that I’m already committed to another conference, which unfortunately I had to decline.

Although not a perfect solution, I created a public Google calendar last year in response to a very similar set of circumstances, and several other people are authors on the calendar including Todd Biske, who adds most of the SOA events. It’s already being used by some event organizers to check for potential conflicts, as well as serving as a resource for attendees to locate event information. I have it embedded on this page, but you can also access it directly, add it to your Google Calendars, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

This is not, of course, my personal calendar: if I attended every event on here, I would be both superhuman and divorced.

If you’re organizing an event, you might want to check the calendar for conflicts before selecting the date, then get your event posted on here by contacting me with the details or a request to become an author on the calendar.

If you’re looking for an event, subscribe to the calendar in Google Calendar, then use the "Search My Calendars" function there to locate a specific event.

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