IIR BPM: Pat Morrissey keynote

I attended Pat Morrissey’s (of Savvion) keynote session after lunch, but didn’t take a lot of notes since I’m up next. Pat’s a great speaker, very funny with lots of good real world examples, from nuclear weapons to Guitar Hero.

He pointed out four key requirements of a BPM solution which, not surprisingly, line up with their product offering:

  • Process modelling
  • Process repository for capture and reuse
  • A deployment and management suite, such as their BPM Studio, to enrich the model by connecting it up to data sources and web services, and manage processes
  • Optimization to manage change, particularly the optimization that happens after the system goes live

He also talked about a process adoption curve, which is a bit like a BPM maturity model, and covered some keys to process solution success:

  • Start with modeling process as it exists today
  • Business and IT involvement early
  • Optimization happens after you turn on the solution
  • BPM is for business, SOA is for IT
  • Plan for the end state

He finished up with some ways to use process to move business to the next level:

  • Demonstrate success first then get executive commitment
  • Start big, start small, just start
  • Everyone can be a model — it’s about the people
  • Winners share
  • Process in the voice of the customer

I’ll just ignore how he said that BPM standards don’t really matter: way to lead into my presentation, Pat!

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