Survey on selecting business processes to optimize

David LiRosi, an NYU graduate student, is conducting a survey on the factors involved in using a committee approach — meaning a committee of combined business and IT people — for the selection of the business processes to optimize. From the survey description online:

In the BPM field, it is commonplace for the organization to have one of three groups?the IT group, Business Unit group, or a combined committee?making the decisions on which business processes to optimize. Organizations have had success using the committee approach. The reasons behind the acceptance of the committee approach over other approaches would prove useful to organizations and the BPM field as a whole. In that respect, this survey seeks to find what factors affect the acceptance of a committee approach.

I didn’t take the survey since it’s targetted at end-user organizations, but it only takes about 10 minutes and (I assume) does not gather any information that could be used to identify you or your company. Think back to all those hours that you spent slogging over research papers at school, then click here to take the survey on

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