In early 2006, I was invited by ebizQ to move my blog to their site for hosting: a non-financial but symbiotic relationship that increased readership for both of us. Since then, I’ve broadened my interests considerably beyond the integration space that is covered by ebizQ, and I’ve decided to resume blogging here on my own domain instead.

There’s also been some amount of confusion over branding, with some readers assuming that I work for ebizQ rather than reading the fine print and realizing that I’m an independent systems architect, analyst and blogger.

If you were reaching this site using the native domain name, you’re here already. I’m getting the feed sorted out so that if you’re reading it using my FeedBurner feed, then you shouldn’t require any change either.

I’ll likely be playing around with the theme a bit over the next few weeks until I get settled back here, any suggestions are welcome.

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