Gartner Day 2: Appian customer panel

Next up was the Appian customer panel, hosted by Michael Beckley, co-founder and VP of Product Strategy at Appian, who I had met last night at the Appian booth.

Beckley started out with a few remarks about Appian, but the main part of the panel was hearing from their customers: Tom Bolger and Todd McGinnis of West Monroe Partners, Bruce Grenfell of Concur Technologies, Terry Jost of Talisen, and Dennis Nickel of Telus (who I met at breakfast this morning).

  • West Monroe is automating loan origination processes for their customers
  • Telus is adding Appian to their IT outsourcing business process not for the purpose of automation, but to make sure that the hand-offs between people are done in a standard fashion so that details are not lost.
  • Concur Technologies delivers travel and expense management services via SaaS to their customers, and manages business processes such as approvals involved in those services.
  • Talisen is adding BPM to procurement processes for their customers.

Interestingly, only one of the five is actually an end-customer; the others are technology companies who are implementing BPM for their customers in some way.

They really just got rolling when the first 30-minute session was up; like the ones I complained about yesterday, they structured an hour-long session spanning the two 30-minute session timeslots. With no logical breakpoint, I stepped out in the middle of the panel in order to catch the presentation by Savvion’s customer, Motorola.

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