Proforma for ITIL

ITIL is not a subject that I spend a lot of time thinking about, but John Clark from HP does. John sat beside me for all of day 2 (except when he was presenting 🙂 ), and I had the chance to talk to he and his wife at lunch. After his presentation, we had a quick session of dueling devices: I showed him the lingerie show photos on Flickr on my Blackberry, and he surfed to the same site on his laptop via a Bluetooth connection to his smartphone.

John’s presentation was about work that the HP Consulting organization had done for Lucent in the area of IT service change management. We saw some of the workflow diagrams that they had created in ProVision for modelling ITIL controls and policies, for example, for Lucent’s incident management process. They integrated the launch and display of ProVision content directly into the HP OpenView Service Desk application for publishing a visualization of the process models directly to the users; this allowed users to see their role in the process in context without having to request that information from the modelling team.

As John put it, it make the users “unconsciously competent”, something that we should all strive to do when designing and building systems.

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