Nike uses BPM to improve credit claims — webinar tomorrow

I met David Duignan of the Fillmore Technology Group at the ABPMP meeting that I crashed in San Francisco earlier this year — David’s involved in the San Diego chapter. He sent me an email a couple of weeks ago, and a reminder today, of a webinar that they’re having tomorrow about how BPM is used in Nike‘s credit claims department.

I have no idea what BPM product that they’re using for this, since Fillmore is a Global 360 partner and also appears to be a Lombardi partner, but they claim to have made some huge cost-saving improvements in the credit process. From the webinar description:

Learn how Nike automated its processes while enhancing visibility and accountability that:

  • Increases their recovery payments
  • Reduces claims resolution times
  • Increases the processing of more claims
  • Prioritizes claims more effectively
  • Reduces customer account manipulation

You can sign up to attend here.

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