IBM’s Virtual Jam on SOA and BPM

The Virtual WebSphere BPM User Group is hosting a 2-day Virtual Jam on the BPM with SOA forum. I heard about this from Bruce, who points to the registration page; note that you have to join the Global WebSphere Users Group Community, then join the Virtual WebSphere BPM User Group (there’s a not-so-obvious link to join on the aforementioned registration page). If you survive all of that, hop on over to the forum site and see what’s being posted; the jam runs through the end of day tomorrow.

Someone from IBM has appeared to have seeded a bunch of discussion topics, but there’s not a lot of participation yet. I’m not sure that a forum is a good place to hold a 2-day jam, since the cycle time of people checking and responding to forum posts can be a bit long for that. That being said, there are a few good topics running.

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