Dispensing with the As-Is

Sometimes I don’t pick up a lot from a presentation, or at least I don’t write a lot of notes about what I learned from it. Bill Riordan from HP talked about modelling customer support centre processes, but I came away with only a few points.

First, the term “happy path”, which in process modelling, means the best-case/simplest route through a process map, originated at HP. Who knew.

Second, and likely more relevant to those who aren’t as fascinated by process modelling trivia as I, is that they didn’t do any “as-is” process modelling, only the “to-be” models. That way, they were able to completely bypass the “but that’s the way we do it now” argument for not changing things. That really harkens back to the days of business process reengineering, where everything old was tossed out and the new processes started from a completely clean slate.

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