The Sins of Patrick Morrissey

With that title, you can just imagine the black-cassocked priest striding across the Irish moors to confront his personal demons… or maybe I have an overactive imagination from watching a rerun of The Thorn Birds last night.

Anyway, this isn’t about Father Pat‘s own sins, but the sins that we all commit during the act of BPM. As a follow-up to Bruce Silver‘s comment on my previous posts about the Seven Deadly Sins of BPM, here they are, hot off the Savvion press:

  • Don’t model your current process
  • Don’t understand people and system requirements
  • Treat BPM as an IT problem
  • Focus on “architecture” in SOA rather than “service”, which ensures that the business doesn’t care about the project
  • Commit unnatural acts with existing applications
  • Hardwire your BPM application
  • Implement automation [of low-value processes] only

I was going to highlight a couple of these as sins that I’ve seen committed, but have to admit that I’ve seen them all, although have rarely committed any of them myself. I can’t even single one out as being the key one: they’re all killers.

The true path to BPM is clear: repent of your sins!

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