SOAinstitute launched, a free BPM informational site, has just launced If you’re already a member, you just need to login and add it to your profile. There’s quite a bit of content there already, likely moved over from the site, and it has the identical format to (e.g., webinars are listed as “round tables”).

One thought on “SOAinstitute launched”

  1. Sandy – Thank you for mentioning our newest on-line Community – Peer to Peer Exchange for Service-Oriented Architecture Professionals.

    Just to clarify the points made in your posting:

    1. individuals may join exclusively or if they choose they may join both and
    2. the content featured on is entirely SOA oriented and primarily original material.
    3. please note that features a unique Editorial Schedule, Board and Editorial Director
    4. we offer several levels of membership including Professional (paid) and Complimentary (no charge).

    Thank you again for the mention.
    Gregg Rock

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