BPM Implementation Challenges

I just finished writing an article for the March/April edition of AIIM‘s E-DOC magazine on some of the pitfalls that I’ve encountered in my experience implementing BPM systems in the past, and my only problem was keeping it down to 750 words as I started to reminisce about all the ways that things can go wrong with BPM implementations.

Today, I saw a very timely post on Competitive Excellence Through BPM where Vinayak Khadye discusses the challenges that his employer, an insurance company in India, is expecting to encounter in their upcoming BPM/ECM implementation. Interesting, but not surprising, that his first three concerns are management-related (change management, managing expectations, and resource committment), while he has only two technical concerns (integration with back office systems, and migration of a proprietary image repository).

Also of interest is that the top three BPM implementation mistakes that I identified in my E-DOC magazine article are completely different from any identified by Vinayak, since I chose to focus on issues around product selection and the design of the solution — I am an architect, after all, so that’s what I spend a lot of my time thinking about. However, I’ve promised the E-DOC editor that I won’t blog the same material until they publish the article, so you’ll just have to wait until next month for my top three!

2 thoughts on “BPM Implementation Challenges”

  1. Hello Sandy,

    I have close to 1 year experince in BMP field, meaning that I used 2 BPM: HPPM and Tibco. I designed and implement processes with those 2 tools.
    In this moment I try to enlarge my horizont on this domain. I’ve seen your ‘activity’ on the web and I really want to thank you for you ‘help’. I appreciate it quite a lot. 🙂

    I have a question: Can you make a top5 BMP (open source or not)?
    I’m trying to make myself a depper view in this domain and it’s good to have a proper to start .

    Best regards,

  2. “Top” is a subjective measure, but I can give you the top of the BPM vendors by revenue as follows (this does not include other vendors, such as IBM, that have BPM-related products but where that is not their primary business):

    Over $100M/year in revenue: FileNet, Pegasystems, Global 360

    Over $30M/year in revenue: Appian, Lombardi, Savvion, Metastorm, Ultimus

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