Enter a survey on technology business in Toronto, win an iPod

There’s a new survey for technology-related businesses in the Toronto area available from now through September 7th; fill it out and you’ll be entered in a draw for a 30GB iPod. If you’re involved in the Toronto BarCamp community, use “TorCamp” as your survey code.

Update: More from Mark Kuznicki on the importance of the survey:

In a first for an unincorporated-unmember-unorganization, Toronto’s Barcamp community is partnering with the big guns – the Board of Trade, MaRS, ITAC and others – to gather a profile of the needs and opportunities facing Toronto’s technology community.

We are at the table trying to communicate on behalf of the thousands of small/micro-businesses who tend not to be members of these larger established member-based organizations.  It is important to communicate to the policymakers that it is the small/micro businesses that drive innovation and business development in this town!

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