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  • On the synergies of doing BPM and EA together: "From an organizational perspective the enterprise needs to leverage the synergistic powers of robust architectural planning and agile business optimization represented by EA and BPM respectively. From a technological perspective the enterprise needs to establish a platform that will enable the appropriate collaboration by creating visibility, traceability and integrity between targets and solutions across all roles and tools. Both are required components for a sustainable approach to agility."
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  • "The business unit that purchases a software tool before engaging with an Enterprise Architect is breaking several cardinal rules. But the first one is that they don't understand the role of technology." It's the business people's job to understand the business, and the architect's job to match that up with technical services.
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  • Nick Malik presents a chart for measuring the maturity of a business capability, based on how the business engages with business architects. I know few companies who are at level 2, and none beyond that, but this gives me hope that they exist.
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  • "In enterprise architecture (EA), BPM, and SOA modeling, the most important question is how to bridge the gap between business and technical orientations. A coherent answer is the key to a successful BPM and SOA implementation. The trick is combining the various modeling viewpoints in one repository." It's exactly this sort of discussion that had me become interested in EA several years back: it provides a better understanding of modeling in BPM.
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