BPM2012: Papers on Process Mining

I had a bit of blog fatigue earlier, but Keith Swenson blogged the session on process cloud concepts for case management that I attended but didn’t write about, and I’m back at it for the last set of papers for the day at BPM 2012, all with a focus on process mining. Repairing Process Models … Continue reading “BPM2012: Papers on Process Mining”

Enabling Process Intelligence Through Process Mining & Analytics

A bit short notice, but I’m doing a webinar this afternoon at 2pm (Eastern) on process intelligence through process mining and analytics, along with Keith Swenson of Fujitsu, and you can sign up here. Fujitsu is sponsoring the webinar, as well as the white paper that I have written to go into the topic in … Continue reading “Enabling Process Intelligence Through Process Mining & Analytics”

Divide-and-Conquer Strategies for Process Mining #BPM2009

In the first of two papers in the final session of the conference, Josep Carmona of Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya presented on process mining calculation strategies. The theory of regions shows how to derive a Petri net representation of a process model from the process log, which shows the transition between states, but it’s very … Continue reading “Divide-and-Conquer Strategies for Process Mining #BPM2009”

Discovering Reference Models by Mining Process Variants Using a Heuristic Approach #BPM2009

Chen Li of University of Twente gave the last presentation of the conference on process variant mining. We heard yesterday in the tutorial on flexibility about process variants; one issue with process variants is that there needs to be some way to identify which of the variants are important enough to update the original process … Continue reading “Discovering Reference Models by Mining Process Variants Using a Heuristic Approach #BPM2009”

bpmNEXT 2018: Bonitasoft, Know Process

We’re in the home stretch here at bpmNEXT 2018, day 3 has only a couple of shorter demo sessions and a few related talks before we break early to head home. When Artificial Intelligence meets Process-Based Applications, Bonitasoft Nicolas Chabanoles and Nathalie Cotte from Bonitasoft presented on their integration of AI with process applications, specifically … Continue reading “bpmNEXT 2018: Bonitasoft, Know Process”

bpmNEXT 2015 Day 2 Demos: Kofax, IBM, Process Analytica

Our first afternoon demo session included two mobile presentations and one on analytics, hitting a couple of the hot buttons of today’s BPM. Kofax: Integrating Mobile Capture and Mobile Signature for Better Multichannel Customer Engagement Processes John Reynolds highlighted the difficulty in automating processes that involve customers if you can’t link the real world — … Continue reading “bpmNEXT 2015 Day 2 Demos: Kofax, IBM, Process Analytica”

Process Intelligence at KofaxTransform

It’s after lunch on the second (last) day of Kofax Transform, and the bar for keeping my attention in a session has gone up somewhat. To that end, I’m in a session with Scott Opitz and Rich Rabin from the Kofax Altosoft division, but not sure it’s going to meet that bar since Opitz started … Continue reading “Process Intelligence at KofaxTransform”

What’s New With SAP Operational Process Intelligence

Just finishing up some notes from my trip to SAP TechEd && d-code last week with the latest on their Operational Process Intelligence product, which can pull events and data from multiple systems – including SAP’s ERP and other core enterprise systems as well as SAP BPM – and provides real-time analytics via their HANA … Continue reading “What’s New With SAP Operational Process Intelligence”

bpmNEXT 2014: Work Management And Smart Processes

Bruce Silver always makes me break the rules, and tonight I’m breaking the “everything is off the record after the bar opens” rule since he scheduled sessions after dinner and with an open bar in the back of the room. Rules, as they say, are made to be broken. Roger King of TIBCO attempted to … Continue reading “bpmNEXT 2014: Work Management And Smart Processes”

Intelligent Business Processes Webinar Q&A

Earlier this week, I gave a webinar on intelligent business processes, sponsored by Software AG; the slides are embedded following, and you can get a related white paper that I wrote here. Intelligent Business Processes from Sandy Kemsley There were a number of questions at the end that we didn’t have time to answer, and … Continue reading “Intelligent Business Processes Webinar Q&A”