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  1. Hi, Sandy.

    We’re happy you’re following what you call the “skirmish” between Active Endpoints and Activiti. We’ll have more to say soon, but I want to make sure people know our issues aren’t that they say BPEL is “dead” (I actually don’t recall reading that in the original posts, though I am sure the BPMN-is-only-pure-if-it-executes-on-a-BPMN-engine tea partyers will continue to mislead the community on that point at every opportunity).

    Our issue is simpler: we fundamentally disagree with their approach.

    Stay tuned…

    Alex Neihaus

  2. I was paraphrasing with the “BPEL is dead” comment: what they actually said is that BPEL will be replaced by BPMN for most general-purpose BPM applications, with BPEL being used only for pure service orchestration. Different from your viewpoint, as well as the viewpoint of other vendors with a BPEL engine; although I can see where they’re coming from, I believe that there’s a lot of momentum behind BPEL at this point and most people don’t really care what’s under the covers as long as the functionality is what they want.

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