links for 2010-04-02

  • Since we're spending so much time this week talking about adaptive, dynamic, ad hoc and agile processes, here's Max Pucher's definition of adaptive processes (which aligns with his company's product functionality).
    (tags: bpm adaptive)
  • JJ Dubray's response to Keith Swenson's post on unpredictable work: JJ believes that all work is predictable since every resource in a process has well-defined states and transitions, although these may be unknown (particularly at design time). This appears to be just a difference in terminology, since I don't think that Keith believes that new quantum states might be created during the course of a process, only that we don't have a priori knowledge of what resources might be called upon during a specific process instance, or which states that those resources might take during that instance.
    (tags: bpm adaptive)
  • Anne Thomas Manes' presentation from last July's Catalyst conference. She discusses what's really needed to make SOA work (which is not, as previously reported, dead).
    (tags: soa)

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