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  • James Taylor lays out the six steps that companies go through on their journey to good analytics. I think that he missed "denial".
    (tags: bi analytics)
  • Been wondering how Software AG is going to integrate ARIS and webMethods? Processes created by a business analysts in EPC format in ARIS are converted to BPMN 2.0, and are then enhanced by a "process engineer" to add web services details. The BPMN 2.0 process model is then exported as XPDL 2.0 and imported into the webMethods Designer, where presumably a developer might make further changes. It seems that KPIs and organizational data is also transformed to the webMethods process engine, although the details are a bit fuzzy. This does not sound like a solution that will withstand any amount of round-tripping, but it's a first step for integration.
  • Also on the theme of adaptive processes: the value of getting the process that you know (the main part of the process, which is more than just the happy path but less than every possible route) into production, then allowing adjustments as required when non-conforming cases come up.
    (tags: bpm bpa adaptive)
  • Examining ideas of how unstructured/ad hoc processes fit within structured processes: basically, the business analysts can never map every possible path for some processes, so better to allow these to emerge dynamically at the hands of the process participants.

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  1. Sandy,
    my article gave a quite high level overview of the integration approach. The details about how we transform for instance EPCs to BPMN 2 processes and what artifacts play a role here will be part of another blog post. So watch out for my next article on 🙂
    Sure you are right that this is only a first step towards a completely integrated solution.
    But we have some really cool plans on that. So as soon as we have nailed down the concrete scope , we will share our thoughts on that on


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