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  1. Sandy, your are absolutely right this is not going to replace structured processes. If I understand correctly, your clients are in the BPM world: predictable processes worked out in advance. In that situation, and using a process specialist, then BPMN will certainly offer significant advantages. I did not mean to imply that the check list would replace that.

    Where I see the checklist being most useful is when the process is not known in advance (an emergent process) and the process must be designed by the end user. Imagine a doctor making a process for what needs to get done. It is not likely that a surgeon will also to process modeling, but a surgeon might make a check list. That is what Peter Pronovost showed at Johns Hopkins. While a crime detective might want to model the course of an investigation, it is much more likely to imagine them using a checklist, than BPMN. The real power of the checklist is in processes that must be thrown together by the people who are also doing the work at the same time. It is not perfect, but it works.

  2. My comment was really about the emergent nature of what happens at a “case management” type of task, even if it exists within a more structured process. I see checklists and structured processes as coexisting (often within the same process), not competing.

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