links for 2010-01-06

  • Open Text discontinues their standalone search product, focusing solely on search within their ECM product. I think that this is a mistake for them, since a comprehensive content management strategy for an enterprise will almost always include some sort of search (e.g., for those documents that live, unfortunately but forevermore, on network drives) in conjunction with the ECM suite search. If you can't search both and federate them, you're only getting half (or less) of the picture. See my coverage of the FASTforward conferences (via categories in sidebar) for more on search as part of a complete ECM strategy.
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  • Now that you've downloaded and studied that BPMN 2.0 poster, you're ready for jBPM 4.3
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  • Did you take those BPMN self-tests recently and have a few problems? Here's a BPMN 2.0 poster that you can download for free as a reference before you embarrass yourself again. 🙂 Events now take up 1/4 of the entire poster. Available in English and German.
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  • Links to a recent webinar by Cordys and Cloud Harbor on BPM and cloud computing. George Barlow, now CEO of Cloud Harbor, was the GM of Appian Anywhere (Appian's SaaS BPM offering) for its first couple of years.
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  • Neil Ward-Dutton with a more considered view of the IBM-Lombardi acquisition (as followup to his "holy crap" post on the day it was announced). I agree with him: although IBM has initially positioned Lombardi as "departmental" as they cram it into their BPM portfolio, it's possible that they really mean "business-focused", but can't bring themselves to admit that none of their other BPM offerings are, since that's what they've been selling. However, Neil's idea of IBM keeping on a critical mass of Lombardi talent and learning from them seems unlikely within the WebSphere division: that might have happened in Lotus, but WS is all about big enterprise IT stuff.
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  • A very uncomplimentary view of Gartner's new "pattern-based strategies" hype from Rashid Khan. I have to admit, when I saw PBS presented at a couple of conferences last fall, it felt a bit unsubstantial to me, too, especially the linkages to BPM.
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  • One view of BPM's current state: the end of the beginning, headed for the Board agenda, enterprise-wide, business-led. Of course, others are decrying the death of BPM, so who knows…
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  • A short but good starting point for exposing services: "The granular level at which the business thinks about business processes is the level at which IT systems should expose web services. Why? Because when your business comes to talk to IT (and even talk amongst themselves), this is the level they talk at. When they reorganize business operations, this is the level they organize at. Therefore, this is the level of agility they expect the IT systems to have."
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  • A paper by the SOA Consortium members, "Business Architecture: The Missing Link between Business Strategy and
    Enterprise Architecture". Defines business architecture and how it forms input to IT, and how to establish and maintain your business architecture.
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  • Taking a service-based approach to enterprise architecture: showing the links between business architecture and application architecture only through services, not by a direct transformation.
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  • Some good points here for document scanning projects. I especially like #4, "Key on Documents You Control": I've seen so many disasters with exactly the case that they state, vendor invoices, where a company believes the vendor hype and thinks that they're going to get 99% accuracy on unbounded vendor invoices. #2 is also good: get bar codes on those documents, and your recognition accuracy will skyrocket.
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  • Potentially an important step in building standards-based event and process monitoring independent of the underlying systems. Currently, produces alerts when deviations from KPI occur within specific databases.
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