One thought on “links for 2009-12-06

  1. I downloaded and read this. I was really interested in getting some good information. I kept wondering how they defined the terms “BPM” and “workflow”, and how they chose the participants. It appears that the participants were self selecting from the AIIM community, which is primarily content management users.

    Given this, is it no surprise that respondents in Figure 16 state that they prefer to get their BPM from their content management supplier.

    Given this, it is no surprise that in figure 17, “workflow” was the most useful feature.

    I don’t mean to imply that it is purposefully misleading. As a survey of the ECM community, about the ECM community, using terminology consistent to that you would find in the ECM community. If I go back that read the title, that is what it says it is. I was just hoping it would be much more….

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