links for 2009-09-04

  • As a precursor to Rashid and Clay's posts on social media and BPM, here's a presentation that I did over 3 years ago at the BPMG conference, talking about web 2.0 and BPM. Some of the things that I was envisioning then, such as process wikis for process discovery, are starting to come into being.
  • Clay Richardson on how social media will drive the next wave of BPM suites.
  • Rashid Khan on social networking and BPM, making links from the roots of online collaboration in Lotus Notes to the current craze around Google Wave.
  • Dick Hirsch's comments on the Gravity demo (SAP process discovery in Google Wave). I don't disagree, but think that he's being a bit hard on them for something that's really not much more than a demo at this point.
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  • This is cool: Gravity – Collaborative Business Process Modelling within Google Wave. Shows how SAP is combining a lightweight process discovery widget with Google Wave to create collaborative process modeling. Although not as full-featured as Lombardi's Blueprint, it's definitely in the same space.
    (tags: bpm bpa saas)
  • SAP starts Beta Test for New Simple Sample Applications Featuring SAP NetWeaver BPM Technology — not clear what these will include, but at least there's some starting points for people working with it.
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