links for 2009-08-31

  • Christina Lau of IBM on use cases for WPS and FileNet BPM. I know that this is frustrating for my IBM/FileNet customers, since these are fundamentally two different products that are only partially integrated, and IBM wants you to buy both of them to cover both human/document workflow and service orchestration. A bit of a hard sell, when there are competitive BPMS out there that handle the entire range of BPM styles in a much more seamless manner. As I stated at the time of the acquisition in 2006, IBM should have just ripped BPM out of the FileNet suite at that point and made it part of WebSphere; IBM BPM offering would likely be much better (and less confusing) today if that had happened.
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  • James Kobielus asks the question "Is BAM relevant in the age of lean processes?" and sketches the 3 maturity levels of BAM's evolution: business activity monitoring, business action mobilization, and business adaptability management. More on this from Forrester's Business and Technology Forum in Chicago in October.
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  • Using BPM for MDM during client onboarding – click through to watch the (silent) screencast of both the design and execution sides of the process. I'm working through a similar problem now with a client, and this makes a good illustration of how it can be done with BPM. Arguably, however, most of this could be done with a well-designed dynamic e-form rather than using BPM.
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  • Getting from your current legacy situation to a more modern application development environment: automated decisioning (not surprising, considering the source 🙂 ) and business user control of rules management, plus the combination of BR, BPM and BI to optimize the decisions within processes.
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