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  • Scott Francis of BP3 on why, as a BPM expert, you should work for a boutique BPM firm rather than try to get placed through an agency; and why, as a BPM customer, you should hire these firms rather than individuals through an agency. Good insights, although he's obviously plugging his own firm. [If his blog didn't require a login to comment, I might actually do that over there.]
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4 thoughts on “links for 2009-08-20

  1. The info my blog requires for login is no more than yours does 🙂 and if you let your browser remember it is literally no extra work. It basically completely eliminated spam – and comment threads unfortunately were spam at about 100:1 ratio.

    As for plugging my firm – yes, well, its our blog. implicitly or explicitly we’re biased by that point of view. However, as a boutique firm, I’m writing about things that I am uniquely situated to see – like the fact that the same two job postings – one for san jose, and one for arkansas, have been posting continuously for a year, through three different staffing firms at the same time. They have no ability to fill these positions because of their business model.

    I also see independent contractors lose out on business because they play the field too much in a space that is too small. Better to forge good relationships with a small # of firms. As an individual person you can’t really maintain good relationships with 10 staffing companies anyway 🙂

    Finally – although i focused on boutique firms – that’s partly because I’m not aware of any large firms that are actually really good at BPM and make it their company’s focus. When there’s a big BPM services firm, I’ll advocate that as an option too. Working with an independent contractor can work great – but either find them directly or go through a boutique firm that actually adds value (and not just cost) to the relationship 🙂

    Hope I can get you to (one day) login once and comment on the blog Sandy 🙂 The comments are unmoderated and you can login with any made-up email address you want. 🙂


  2. Hi Scott, thanks for your reply.

    The “registration required” user authentication that your site requires is beyond what mine does. I don’t need yet another set of user credentials, and with the advent of OpenID and Facebook Connect plugins available for your blog, you don’t really need to host your own authentication system. For my site, I find that Akismet does a great job of filtering the spam, and that only about one spam per week makes it through the filter and comes to my attention for approval. As a general policy, I just don’t comment on sites that require me to register and create a unique set of credentials just for that site.

    You didn’t take “plugging” as a negative comment, did you? I meant it with the best of intentions. I agree with your post, and having run my own boutique firm in the past, I recommend boutique BPM companies to my clients who are mired in the mess left to them by large systems integrators and bloated professional services divisions of huge vendors.

  3. I use askimet and i’ve found it to actually overcorrect. so for example, it tagged your pingback as spam. that’s ok, i approved it… but otherwise it would get lost in a sea of spam and i wouldn’t even notice your response.

    As for plugging – yes, I interpreted your comment as being critical, and just wanted to make it clear I make no bones about plugging. We’re not those “consultants who don’t seem to form an opinion or take a stand.” We have opinions based on experience and we act on them – and inform others based on those conclusions. We formed BP3 partly because of those conclusions – that there weren’t really any good independent BPM-focused consultancies (that we knew of) and why shouldn’t we go ahead and start one!) I think the general case for boutiques is usually good – the owners are running the business and care about the customer outcomes more than they care about “making partner” and other such laddering moves. Thanks for clarifying though that you’re in support of my plugging ; )

    ps – i really will look into the plugins for authorization over the weekend, and see if I can find something I’m happy with. (so far, you’re the only one who’s complained, but then, there aren’t an overwhelming number of comments on the site either… so perhaps a change is in order!)

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