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  1. Hi Sandy,
    Recently, I viewed the BPM 106 webinar. To be honest with you, I got lost and overwhelmed in the presentation. I notice that there is no coherency in your dialogue and the material presented. Simply put it, you talk too much and it is very difficult to pay attention to the material presented. Please take this as a constructive comment and it certainly will help you to organize your thoughts in your next webinar.
    Hope this comment helps.

    – James

  2. Hi James,

    It’s unfortunate that you didn’t get what you were looking for out of the webinar. If you have some specific comments — rather than the vague “you talk too much” sort — then I would have a better idea of how you think it could be improved.

    Also not sure why you added this comment on this blog post: the usual method is to add a comment related to the material in the post.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    I will try to be very specific to this presentation. My comments are ONLY related to this webinar. As I was going through the slides, there were several information in those slides. I was reading those information…bullet by bullet… and my mind was trying to comprehend what was it written and trying to understand…at the same time I also hearing you speak…while I tried to listen to your speach, I found myself I am missing out several bullet points in a given slide… as it continued… I didnt know whether or not to turn of the sound (mute) it first… and read the slide alone…. then come around and listen to your speach…. This was very annoying to me and found that you were not speaking from the slide consistently rather, you were providing several information with some examples (which I thought useful). Then, I didnt want to miss out what was mentioned on the slide. So, there.. I tried to explain how I felt while viewing your presentation at the same time hearing you speak. This is not typical to you alone. It is the same with several presenters. There is a sense of urgency to complete the presentation..cramed with loaded information, which I thought it was overdone. That is why I felt that this presentation (on whole) was not coherent.
    Regarding my comment “you talk too much” is a direct comment to get your attention. You can think of me being a customer getting a service and in this regarding providing you with valuable information from the “customer experience” perspective. I am the kind of customer who provide valuable information when I get a good service (free or not).
    Here are some items I can provide (instead of giving you a vaue comment:
    1. Consider limiting yourself with limited number of slides. So that you can talk bullet after bullet and give explanation on each point.
    2. Think, not all listeners/audiance are not made eaqual. Especially when it comes to webinar recordings.
    3. Go slow, do not speak outside of any of the items mentioned in the slide. Because, audiancve like myself always wondering how a given example you are talking about is really related to the point in the slide. Consider limiting not more than three points in a given slide, if you are going to give lot of examples. Anything more, would deminish the comprehension of the audiance significantly. You do not have to overwhelm the audiacne by thinking more information means better impression.
    4. Talk slowly
    5. Lastly, but not least, consider the “voice of the customer”… in this regard, people like me…when they are taking time to give you regarding their experience.

    I hope now you would know why I added this comment on this blog. It is just that… a “blog”.

    Sometimes, being direct is not going to win friends. But, what is the point in being silent and not able to express the feeling regarding how I perceived this presentation. I could have kept silent. But, I honestly believe that you are a valuable contributer with your knowledge. I only tried to share my experience. The choice is yours..whether to take this and do something about it..or simply treat this as a blog.

    – James

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