links for 2009-06-26

  • James Taylor's very comprehensive review of the new ILOG releases. Includes a great description of IBM pulling a business person from the audience at a public product demo and having him create a decision table in the product – what better way to show that this can be done by business people with a minimum of training?
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  • Socialtext provides a free, fully-functional hosted Socialtext account for up to 50 people in your company. Enterprise social networking, micro-blogging, personal profiles and wikis.
  • Good overview of building documentation collaboratively using a wiki — useful for internal enterprise documentation as well as product documentation. I especially like his comments that the end users should be able to update the documentation wiki to enhance or correct it; this would be especially good for internal documentation, although many enterprises don't trust their users to this degree.
  • A paper on the support that SAP NetWeaver BPM has for the standard set of workflow patterns — they support 30 of the 43 patterns. Direct link to PDF file, authored by Sören Balko of SAP.
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  • Comments on the reality of BPEL portability and usage. His conclusion: "When BPEL and even BPMN are looked at from a pragmatic business need perspective the only acceptable benefit is that products that use them have similar functionality and people designing processes will find it easier to switch products. Given that with other products that low level of technology is never touched, that potential benefit becomes a moot point." Via Steinar Carlsen.
  • Robert Shapiro webinar on BPMN 2.0 and XPDL 2.2

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