links for 2009-04-10

  • It’s essential to discuss how and why projects fail in order to avoid doing exactly the same thing in the future. Plus, there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude enjoyed by those whose failures are not quite (yet) as spectacular as those that they hear or read about. We’re having a FAILCamp event in Toronto in July, which is not dedicated to IT project failures, although you can be sure that there will be a lot of those discussed.
    (tags: development)
  • A great post (and presentation) by Lauren Cooney on building your personal brand. Very timely, since I was giving a very similar talk to the IBM Women in Technology group the day before, discussing external networking and the value that it brings.
    (tags: socialmedia)
  • Lombardi’s user conference, moved online to accommodate those without a travel and conference budget, is now 3 consecutive days of 3 sessions per day. The first day is company and product strategy plus a keynote from the CIO of Aviva, the second day is more detail on products and services, and the third day is two customer keynotes (CIO of Sirva and Enterprise Architect at Wells Fargo) plus a partner presentation.
    (tags: bpm)
  • Live blogged from the mesh conference earlier this week, some legal advice for startups: before you start, incorporating, partnership agreements for co-founders, employees/contractors, and other general legal concepts.
    (tags: law)

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