links for 2009-01-30

  • Good (and short) points on the value social networking in the enterprise: "From an IT executive’s perspective, social networking isn’t about giving the millenials a place to play, rather it’s about how to improve the flow of information throughout an organization, using collective knowledge to solve problems, respond to customer needs, or exploit new business opportunities faster than ever before."
  • I agree that SaaS will definitely benefit from the economic downturn, but I'm always a bit leery of analysts' hockey stick growth projections. Taking on new business models and hosting data/functionality outside the firewall are not the first thing that frightened IT execs will be thinking of, so this will have to be driven by the business — possibly in the face of IT service cuts proposed by Gartner in their recent webinar.
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  • I twittered about a chicken-in-the-rice-cooker experiment that I was doing, and the next day received a response from @AromaHousewares, along with this link to other rice cooker recipes. I have heard stories of people getting support online from a vendor after twittering their problem, but this is a first for me – and I don't even have an Aroma rice cooker!

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