links for 2009-01-18

  • Ah, here's the main Gartner page on Facebook, which includes links to the events. Unfortunately, the BPM summit events here are separate duplicates of the ones from the BPM summit page — there has to be a better way to do this. They also hide the (self-subscribed) attendee list, which completely destroys one of the main purposes of social networking.
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  • Gartner's dipping their toe into Facebook: this is the FB event for the BPM summit in San Diego, and they also have a page for the summit (which seems a bit redundant unless they plan to keep the page going for all BPM summits in the future).
  • New version of Live Writer with some nice enhancements, including a new plugin to upload and link to a Flickr image directly in Writer. I love Writer, since it provides a consistent authoring interface across blogging platforms and allows me to compose posts while offline.
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