Bookmarks for January 5th

These are my links for January 5th:

  • il blog del BPM: Un’altra tesi sul BPM – If your Italian is better than mine (which isn't difficult, since mine is limited to food-related terms and asking "Which way to the cathedral"?), you can read this university thesis on human process orchestration in BPM. I'm very encouraged by the increase in academic programs related to BPM.

3 thoughts on “Bookmarks for January 5th

  1. That’s not the same thesis, that’s the one by Lars Hansen on enterprise agility that I’ve linked to previously. I’m looking for the one by Michele Filannino, which is apparently only available in Italian.

  2. Hi Sandy! I’m very proud of your interest. Unfortunately, my thesis is available only in Italian. I am, in any case, at your disposal for any information/clarification/assistence.


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