Bookmarks for December 4th

These are my links for December 4th:

  • #hohoto – Are you a technology geek in Toronto? This is the holiday party for you! $10, and proceeds go to the Daily Bread Food Bank.
  • Take a deep breath before responding to analyst commentary « SageCircle Blog – Carter Lusher on how vendors react when analysts say things that they don't like: "Sometimes the AR staffer is so angry that he or she wants to call the analyst’s manager and complain, or put out a press release about the analyst’s shortcomings." Since I have no manager, they resort to verbally accosting me at conferences, sending emails accusing me of bias, and writing patronizing blog posts directed at me. Same impact, guys. As Carter points out, "an annoyed analyst has the opportunity to steer potential buyers to your competitors – and you would never know". That's not a threat, it's just the reality: if a vendor treats me badly, I have to assume that they'll show the same level of disrespect for their customers.
  • BPM Standards in Perspective – Bruce again (he really needs to blog more often 🙂 ) on the issues with making BPM modeling standards executable.
  • BPMN’s Three Levels, Reconsidered – Great post by Bruce Silver on the different levels (of understanding/usage) of BPMN, and the issues that arise from that: primarily, the divide between process modelers who are modeling manual processes and those modeling automated processes.
  • FatWire’s sex site demo backfires at Boston Web 2.0 conference – Tech company conference demo that used Playboy site shouted down by women in audience and forced to apologize, although it sounds like they don't get what they did wrong (which makes me shudder to think what a toxic working environment that they have for women). Maybe Mr. Gupta would get it if we used a racial stereotype instead. Fatwire = FAIL

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