Bookmarks for December 22nd

These are my links for December 22nd:

  • Lean Insider: The Tennis Ball Exercise – Great exercise demonstrating how participants in a process might have the best suggestions for how to improve it.
  • AIIM – Market IQ: Content Creation and Delivery – AIIM study on capture of content: "This study of 198 end users found that 54% of organizations manually re-key some of the content they receive from customers, suppliers, and partners. While 61% scan a proportion of their incoming documents, 34% make no further attempt to automatically recognize text as data. This is a wasted opportunity to reduce transaction processing costs." Yikes!

4 thoughts on “Bookmarks for December 22nd

  1. Sandy – We found some truly disturbing statistics in our 18+ months of working within AIIM as the Market Intelligence unit. The positive view is “we can only go up from here!” 🙂

  2. I work with financial services customers every day where it is common practice to re-key information, often between data entered by a customer on the web, and their mainframe systems. As for recognition of documents, that doesn’t surprise me, since many of the documents are unstructured, making automated recognition of any sufficient level of accuracy very difficult.

  3. Sandy — the problem now is when one team member says, “Hey, I read about the tennis ball problem on the Internet, and there is a known solution to this problem!” That kinda short-circuits the team effort. 🙂

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