Bookmarks for December 19th

These are my links for December 19th:

  • Computer ownership | The Economist – Computers owned per 100 people — figures by country from 2006. I’m surprised that Canada is in 2nd place (after Israel), although considering that there’s 7 computers in my household of 2 people, maybe I shouldn’t be.
  • Main Page – TsTO – Twitter takes on a life of its own in Toronto. In the wake of a stunningly successful HoHoTO fundraiser holiday party arranged by Twitter, Twitter peeps here self-organize with the goal of finding free open spaces for collaborative work.
  • Research on the Use of Social Software in the Workplace – IBM’s research on their internal use of a Facebook-like social networking system, Beehive. Direct link to PDF file.
  • Business Process Improvement – Michele Cantara of Gartner backs up my prediction that economic downturn is actually good for real BPM projects.

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