Bookmarks for December 18th

These are my links for December 18th:

  • Process Perfection – Took me a couple of days to get (mostly) through Mark Masterson's epic post on the enterprise cloud, but it was worth it. Lots of great practical configuration examples for using the cloud to expand enterprise computing capacity.
  • Think like a Startup and you too can Deploy in the Clouds – Mike Kavis on larger enterprises using cloud platforms. This is a great idea for piloting new technology (like BPM?) without having to do through the server deployment dance. More vendors should offer a pre-packaged pilot system image on EC2 for customers to play with.
  • Can the Business Really Use BPM Technologies Without Help? – Excellent comment by Carolyn Evans on this post about how business needs to accept ownership of the design of their business processes. Let IT do their job, but don't let them do the job of the business.
  • Macehiter Ward-Dutton: Blog on IT-business alignment and related things – MWD's report comparing 7 BPM vendors (Appian, IBM, Lombardi, Oracle, Pega, Software AG, TIBCO), although I'm still confused over which IBM BPM product that they're reviewing here.

2 thoughts on “Bookmarks for December 18th

  1. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for the pointer. The BPM assessments attempt to look at vendors’ BPM offerings (including services, best practice materials and so on) rather than just being product reviews – so in IBM’s case we looked at the whole of what it positions as its “BPM Suite” – and that includes both the WebSphere “Edition” and the FileNet “Edition”. Yes it is confusing, and that’s part of the story we wanted to tell. The in-depth IBM assessment report is 30+ pages long as a result.

    The report you refer to is the summary report that brings together the high level findings across our more in-depth vendor-specific reports. I’d encourage anyone who’s serious about exploring this stuff to read those vendor-specific reports as well as the summary.

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