Bookmarks for November 6th

These are my links for November 6th:

  • Delivering Cloud Services: ISVs – Change or Die or both! – Daryl Plummer of Gartner on why a lot of software vendors are not well-equipped to make the transition to offering cloud-based services.
  • I’m Done! – Enterprise Agility – Master Thesis blog on EA, SOA and BPM – A recently submitted Master's thesis on the impact of EA, SOA and BPM on the agility of enterprises. A key finding: "The relationship between BPM and SOA is often sold on the idea of a business analyst being able to analyse, design and deploy business processes with little or no intervention from IT. I did however find significant semantic gaps in the chain from analysis to deployment. The primary advantage of using BPM and SOA together is to decompose business processes from their underlying implementation details, rather than to automate software development"

3 thoughts on “Bookmarks for November 6th

  1. How was the overall attendance? Our company sent no one this year after several years’ representation, reasons being economy (of course), no free passes, and a perception that webMethods’ product roadmap is unclear.

  2. How was what? You’ve added this comment to a post about a couple of external links, so not sure what you’re referring to. If it’s the Software AG/webMethods conference that I attended earlier in the week, it was fairly well attended, although I don’t know the actual numbers. Certainly several hundred.

  3. Yes, I was referring to Innovation World 2008. Sorry about the confusion, but I wanted to ask after your last post from the conference. Thanks!

    I certainly thought attendance would be down this year, but looking at the IW website, it showed the main hotel and 1st backup hotel both were sold out. (Didn’t I read somewhere in this blog that you had to stay offsite too?)

    I’ve been doing webMethods since 2000/2001 timeframe, and I must say that I’m a bit disillusioned with all the changes they keep making, then using every IW to try to market even more new changes.

    For example, on their Advantage website, they have a page showing that “Fabric” is out of support as of 31-Oct-08, but on the left panel is a link to Fabric 7. Follow *that* link, and you go to a page for a supposedly current Fabric product, but on that page is a caption underneath a missing photo which says, “Kristin Muhlner, webMethods EVP of Product Development unveils webMethods Fabric 7.” Kristin Muhlner is no longer with them!

    Changes in products, changes in people, no advance warning, and a conference which doesn’t address much of any of it, because they’re too busy trying to see what else they can get us to buy (or buy into)…this is what frustrates me, not just with IW but with webMethods and Software AG in general.

    webMethods was a great integration company, and Software AG has in webMethods a great integration product. Problem is, they don’t want to be an integration company any more, and they don’t want to trumpet the main products (Integration Server, Broker, Trading Networks) which have been paying their bills. They don’t even want to call it Integration World any more. Seems like they don’t want to dance with the one that brung ’em.

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