Bookmarks for November 20th

These are my links for November 20th:

  • Sign up for Google Apps – A direct link to the signup page for the free version of Google Apps for your domain, since they’ve made it very hard to find on their signup pages now. I use the paid version of Google Apps for my primary domain email, but use the free version for a couple of other domains including not-for-profit groups, and have had some frustration lately with finding the signup page for the free version. Via the Google Operating System blog.
  • Update on the CEP Users Group on LinkedIn – A pointer to the CEP Users Group on LinkedIn, but more importantly, a list of rules for engaging in the forum that I think should be applied to all groups of this sort on LinkedIn: basically, no recruitment or PR/sales pitches, or you’ll get booted out of the group. Recruiters and PR people need to learn how to be better behaved in this world of social media, or they’ll become outcasts.
  • First Look – Savvion Business Rules Management System – James Taylor on Savvion’s new business rules offering.
  • Are Our Technologies at War with Each Other? – Andrew McAfee on social media versus knowledge management, with links to a couple of interesting articles that take the topic on in more detail.
  • Measurable Benefit in BPM. Where is it? Part II – Lance Gibbs on process metrics and value stream mapping to help with your process optimization.
  • The story of our times – time to abolish accounting as we know it – Sig Rinde’s take on the dangers of using filtered and massaged information instead of actually looking at what’s going on. He applies this to the current economic crisis, but the same is true for any process.
  • SAP Network Blogs – Marilyn Pratt’s review of my “intro to BPM” session earlier this week at SAP Insider BPM 2008.
  • Report: Millennials Will Route Around IT Departments – The results of an Accenture report on how the Net Generation isn’t happy with what corporate IT is giving them, and finding ways around it: “Millennials would prefer to use instant messaging, text messaging, and RSS feeds to communicate with their clients and customers, though very few companies currently support these technologies. The report also highlights that a lot of employees are simply bypassing corporate IT departments if those don’t offer them the services they need.” I highlighted this same issue in my “future of BPM” talk recently, namely, that changing expectations of the new wave of people in the workforce is forcing change to enterprise applications.
  • Lauren Cooney’s Blog: Women-Only BarCamp – Who’s up for It? – Lauren proposes a women-only BarCamp. West coast (either Redmond or Silicon Valley since MSFT is donating the space) but no word on dates yet. She’s pinged me to help organize, so expect more info on this here.
  • CRTC loses the plot on traffic-shaping : Remarkk! – Canada’s internet regulatory body decides to roll over to the big ISPs and let them destroy net neutrality through traffic shaping that favors the ISP’s own content.
  • – Download: – SAP’s Spectrum publication for November, featuring several articles on BPM
  • Web 2.0 Summit – Video episodes from the Web 2.0 summit earlier this month.

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